1 Compact real-time simulator/RCP OPAL-RT OP4200. 

1 DC Power supply GW Instek GPR-11H30D, DC 110V, 3A.

1 Digital Oscilloscope GW Instek GDS-3254, 250MHz, 4 channels, 5GS/s, 25K points/channel, 2 HV differential probes, Power measurement software DS3PWR.

1 Linear DC power supply, GW Instek GPE-3323, 3 channels, 217W.

1 Power Quality Analyzer, Circutor M8405E Myebox-1500-4FLEXR80. 5 voltage channels, 5 current channels, datalogger (SD card and cloud storage), monitoring via internet.

1 Texas Instrument C2000 Solar Micro Inverter Development Kit (TMDSSOLARUINVKIT).

1 Spectrum Digital TMS320 eZdsp F2812 for motor control with Simulink/Matlab and Expansion Board.

1 DSP Texas Instrument model TMS320C6713 platform augmented by 1 FPGA (Actel) board, 10 A/D converters, 1 HPI board.

1 microinverter Enphase

1 Monitoring system Envoy for Enphase solar systems.

1 Luxómetro digital. 

Other equipments: 1 UPS backup system, 1 soldering station, 1 current clamp logger, 3 Arduino sets and sensors, 6 H bridges DC/AC, 5 DC Buck converters, 5 DC Boost converters, 5 3.5W mini PV panels, 5 PV MPPT and LiPo battery charger.